Run Free Chapter 15

To say that the last few days were terrible was an understatement. It was also a big challenge for Cindy to help Su not to lose it completely. Su was sick, or maybe she pretended to be sick that she could lay in bed all day to call Harry all over again. Every time Harry’s voicemail answered her she began to cry again. At some point she became completely hollow and the only reason why she called him was that she could listen to his voice when he spoke the message. 'Hey it's Harry. I'm probably not with my phone right now [laugh] so just leave a message’, Cindy knew the message inside and out because she heard it every day. Su claimed it would help her falling asleep. But that changed when she got an angry phone call from her dad, telling her how irresponsible her behaviour was. Being sick instead of practising. Listening to Su’s silent sobs while her dad yelled at her made Cindy angry. He didn’t care much about her feelings and that kinda hurt her more than she wanted to admit. That night Su walked into the bathroom and started a shower. After half an hour or so later she came out and smiled at Cindy.

“I’m out for practise, I love playing the piano. My dad’s right. I should prepare for the performance”, Su said.

“But Su, it’s almost 10 pm?”, Cindy answered confused.

“I know. Don’t wait for me. Good night”, and just like that she slipped out of the door.

Since then Su worked day and night, she threw herself into the music. Cindy didn’t know know if this was a good or a bad thing. She smiled a little bit more during the day, but Cindy was sure it wasn’t real. She was angry at Su for not letting her take care of her friend. She wanted Su to be honest with her, she’s broken and not talking about it won’t help anybody. And giving up trying to get a hold of Harry made Cindy angry too. Su wasn’t someone who just gave up. Well, maybe the old Su but not the new one. The old Su was a shy girl, quiet and a never swearing one as well. But that was because she never got a chance to be herself. Her life was planned out from her partens. She never did party or drank or smoked, she never had fun for herself. But with Harry she came out of her shell and was an openly and happy woman. And the second Harry left her she kinda turned back into someone who didn’t fight for what she wanted. Who said 'Yes, okay' to everything.

Harry would have pushed her away if he knew about The Purcell. He wouldn’t have given her a chance. He’d kicked her out of the youth house. Cindy was angry at Harry too. Harry should have called Su, letting her explain herself. After everything she did for him, he should knew Su didn’t want to hurt him. She would have never given her body to someone she didn’t love. Su told Cindy everything from their first night. It was damn special to her. And Harry taking her v-card and let her fall down like this was … how was that? You couldn’t survive. And someone who never had a boyfriend was doomed. Her first experience with a boy, her first love… she will never believe in love. Su was breaking, quiet and slowly. Cindy couldn’t watch her anymore. She would help her, but not alone.

“Harry’s not much better”, Niall continued after sipping on his coffee. “We didn’t have rehearsal since that day. Didn’t see him much either. He locked himself up at home, he’s pretty pissed. I mean this was our chance, it’s not Su’s fault. It was a fucking power failure. Fuck that, but not telling Harry the truth was just the cherry on top, you know.”

“Of course I do know Niall, but shutting her out won’t make things better. They need to talk with each other. She’s so in love with him, you can’t imagine”, Cindy tried to persuade him.

“Okay, I’ll help. I actually want them back together as well not just for the band but for their actually sake”, Niall ran through his hair.

“Okay!”, Cindy answered immediately before he changed his mind.

“Maybe we can, you know after that, go out or something?”, Niall blushed helplessly.

“Like a date?”, Cindy grinned widely.

“Yeah, I mean-”, Cindy cut him off, she couldn’t watch him stuggle.

“I’d love to go on a date with you”, she bit her lip but didn’t forget the mission. “So I have the plan-“

"Of course you do", Niall smiled.


“Wow”, Cindy mouthed behind Su.

Su looked at herself in the mirror. This was too much, she thought. It’s more like a fucking school contest not a award show.

“He can’t say no”, Cindy whispered to herself, still perplexed from the sight in front of her.

“What?”, Su asked.

“What? Nothing… I, uh, I’m speechless”, Cindy smiled at her. “Look at you”, she took the necklace from the night table and put it around Su like a proud mother. “You changed a lot. You look like a grown woman in that dress.” Cindy stopped, putting her hands on Su’s shoulders. “You are beautiful babe.”

Su was really sad that Harry wasn’t next to her telling her how beautiful she looked in that dress, but she smiled ingeniously back at Cindy still.


“It would be a shame if I wouldn’t rock that dress. It’s fucking expensive”, Su joked.

“Oh damn girl I missed you”, Cindy threw her arms around Su. “I don’t like pouty Su.”

“I won’t be anymore. I worked so hard for this. I won’t cry over a boy. Never. He showed no interest in me… he made it clear and that’s okay because music is more important to me. I’m moving back though. We never had a chance.”

Cindy saw how Su pushed her emotions away.

“Harry liked you a lot, he just… he’s confused. He’s hurt. He doesn’t know how to handle your situation. You’re his first real girlfriend too”, Cindy explained desperately.

Su wanted to yell at her that being boyfriend and girlfriend is the point. It was their choice to be together and it’s never easy. Nobody was perfect, they could talk about it. That’s what couples do, not just leaving when it gets complicated. But she wondered more where Cindy got the information from or if she was lying just to make her feel better. But she shouldn’t care, what’s done is done.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Su glanced shortly at Cindy before she opened the door.

“Are you coming?”

Cindy pressed her lips together before walking towards her.


The hall was pretty packed half an hour before the first performance took place. Cindy opened the red curtains a little bit and saw Niall sitting in the last seat row. She showed him her thump to make clear that she was ready. Game on.

“Su”, Cindy ran towards her and took her wrist. “I need to tell you something. Alone.”

She shoved Su, who was confused as hell, into a room.

“What? What do you want to tell me?”

“Don’t hate me”, Cindy answered. “Please”, before she closed the door right into Su’s face.

Su tried to open the door, but it was locked.

“Cindy what the hell?”

Silence. The door didn’t open.

“Now I know why Niall wanted so desperately to come.”

That voice. That familiar slowly talking. There was no way Cindy did this to her, she wouldn’t dare. Su panicked, she couldn’t see him. She didn’t want to. Everything she bottled up the last days were about to come out, she didn’t want it. He wasn’t worth the pain.

“Cindy let me out, I swear”, Su hammered against the door. “Please”, she almost begged.

“Remember? Round two. The last time it worked wonderfully”, Cindy said through the door.

Su remembered it. It was a time when their relationship wasn’t complicated. They were friends or they were about to make friends with each other. She wanted Harry to talk to her. It was the first time he told her she shouldn’t bite her lip. He would kiss her if she does it again. She felt her teeth digging into her lip. But today, she didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t want to be in a room with him. She couldn’t.

Su leaned her forehead on the door. She wasn’t able to breath. She wouldn’t dare to look at Harry. She couldn’t turn around. Harry noticed that something was wrong with her. She was shaking.

“Su”, Harry said quietly.

He wanted it to sound like ‘Su I’m worried’ but it sounded more like ‘Su don’t overact’. He wanted to correct himself but Su spoke before he could.

“I called you, you know. I called you a lot”, with her face still to the door. “Then after a while I knew you wouldn’t pick up, I just listened to your voicemail. Pathetic me.”

Harry didn’t know what to say. He just stood there. He could just grab her and kiss her. But he knew he fucked up when he didn’t pick up. Or called her back.

“Now I’m locked in here with a person who hates me and I miss my chance to get the grand.”

He felt bad, he really did. But she was the one who were lying to him. He wanted so badly to tell her that he didn’t hate her and that he missed her instead. But hearing her talking about the stupid grand made him furious.

“You don’t want the grand damn it”, he began. “Your father wants it. He’s pushing you, don’t you see?”


“Shut up”, Su yelled suddenly. “You don’t know what I want! You don’t know me.”

Her little outburst let Harry forget all the good manners.

“You are right. Because you were lying to me. I didn’t have a real chance to get to know you.” He turned around and hammered against the door he walked through. “Niall open that fucking door before I lose it”, he threatened.

They were both hurt and stubborn as hell. Su tried to breath normal again but it was impossible with Harry in the same room.

“What is going on here?”, Su heard a voice. “Who is in there? Hello?”

It was Mrs. Miller. Su never thought that day would come where she was happy to hear that annoying voice.

“Su, it’s Su”, she pleaded almost breaking down.

Mrs. Miller opened the door and Su stumbled out, storming off to the bathroom. Harry ran out, leaving a confused Mrs. Miller behind him when he crashed into Niall.

“You fucking idiot!”, he shoved Niall out of his way.

“Mate! I was just trying to help, clearly you two won’t get it done.”

“Niall, it’s not your fucking business. Back off!”, he yelled but came down when he saw Niall’s shocked face. “Please stay out of it. I have to go back to my dad.”

Niall watched him go. Cindy came around the corner, looking for Niall. When their eyes met, they both shared the same sad look.

“Hopefully your plan B is smashing it”, Niall whispered.

“I hope too”, Cindy smiled lightly at him.

Su dried her face and looked at herself again. She saw the same shy girl when she arrived here at the beginning of summer. Who is she? Who does she want to be? And what wanted the others her to be like? Did she love classic music over pop and rock music? Her thoughts were interrupted when Harry burst through the door.

“Harry”, Su shrieked. “It’s the ladies room.”

“I know”, he said trying to catch his breath. “I just wanted… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to upset you. I kinda lost it in there. Just… good luck, okay?”, Su nodded speechless.

“And-, and you look nice”, he stuttered.

“Thanks”, Su answered with a blush on her cheeks.

They stood there in silence before Harry nodded and turned around. Leaving as fast as he came in.

Su couldn’t believe she lost someone like Harry. Of course it was awful not to tell him that she went to The Purcell. But she was scared. She wanted so badly to be in this band, she didn’t plan to fall in love with him. She was caught up in the moment every time he kissed her on the lips. She felt like she was in heaven. Every touch put her skin on fire and every nice word he said to her was burned into her brain. She never thought about boys like, like that they could make her happy. Harry made her feel things she has never felt before. And it was still there. She wanted to tell him but every time they saw she got carried away and was afraid things would change if he knew. But now, today he was angry and yelled at her but he came to apologize.

That’s the Harry she knew, that’s the Harry she fell in love with.

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Run Free Chapter 14 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :)

Jennifer didn’t call Su one time for practise, that’s why she had time to rehearsal with the boys. The song wasn’t finish yet and Harry was worried about it. Su had to calm him down a few times, he was nervous without a reason. The song was beautiful and they will smash it on Monday.

It was late every night when Su came back to the Purcell. Thankfully Lou gave her the key so she didn’t have to climb inside through the window anymore. She was scared that Mrs. Miller could see her again, if she does, she will probably call her parents because of what happened the first week here. Su closed the door and slid down, it was always a torture to get inside without being seen. She heard Cindy talking in her sleep. She walked over to her bed and fell on it. She was so tired. It was almost 3 a.m. thank god she don’t have to see Jennifer tomorrow.

The next days she met up with the boys as well. She had so much fun, she loved music. Music you can dance to and be free.


It was Sunday morning when Harry woke up to the most beautiful sight he could ever imagine. Su lay next to him breathing peacefully. He ran a finger tenderly across her cheekbone and down the side of her face. He bent lower over her. She was his drug of choice, his addiction. He wanted to taste her, pleasure her, bringing her off while she slept. Was that even possible?

He stroke her inner thighs, and she reacted by moving away from his tickling touch. Far enough apart for him to lower his face. He licked her clit. Very slowly and sensitive. She tilted her hips up to meet his lips again. He pushed a finger into her silken wetness. And licked. He felt her hips rise and her muscle tighten. Suddenly two hands grabbed his head and pulled him up. Su smiled cheekily at him.

How much of that were you awake for?”, he croaked.

“Some”, she said dreamly. “Come here I want to taste myself.”

They kissed passionately, thank god they were both naked Harry thought. He refused to have sex with her the whole time they were together. He wanted her to be fully okay when then do it again. Yesterday she removed all her clothes under the blanket to convince Harry. But he stayed strong and took his boxers off too and then they played with their bodies.

Now”, Su groaned. “Make love to me Harry.”

He couldn’t react how fast Su placed his dick between her legs.

“Push”, she whispered and Harry did as she said.

Su moaned loudly, burying her nails into his flesh. Harry stayed like this for awhile because this tight feeling around his dick made him almost come.

“Can I move?”, he asked gently, Su nodded eagerly.

He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her up in a sitting position.


I read this is more comfortable for women”, Harry whispered to her while placing his hands on her hips, pulling her up and pushing her down slowly.

Su looked into his eyes and ran her fingers through his curls. She kept herself around Harry’s neck to steady herself. This feeling was much better than the last time.

Su I think”, he stopped moving for a second. “I think I’m in-“

“Shh”, Su kissed him sweetly on his lips. “I know”, she smiled down at him. “Please don’t stop.”

Harry smiled happily back at her, he won’t stop moving and he won’t stop loving her. Just a few more groans and they both lost it.

Harry kissed her nose and they lay down, cuddling with each other. Harry played with her hair. Su enjoyed his attention and closed her eyes. She could sleep right now. Harry kissed her ears, placing his hand on her stomach and pulled her against his abs. Su felt aroused just thinking about that Harry is naked and she could feel it all over again if she wanted to.

“How do you know Louis?”, Harry grumbled while roaming over her body.

“School”, Su breathed out, enjoying his touch. “Jealous?”

“Does anybody know who I am? I think he didn’t believe me that day.”

You are my boyfriend”, Su turned around. “My opinion counts.”

She pressed her lips to his and smiled. He tried to smile back but he failed.

“And when he touches you? Would you tell him then?”

“No”, Su said seriously. “I wouldn’t talk to that ass ever again. I’d break his bones.”

Harry chuckled and wrapped his hands around her naked body. Not exactly what he wanted to hear but better. They fell asleep again.


On Monday morning Jennifer woke Su and ordered her for practise. Su agreed but told her she had an appointment with her parents later that day. Jennifer said it was okay, which was totally against Jennifer’s nature. But Su didn’t think about it, she was happy that she didn’t have to argue with her.

After annoying two hours Su ran to her room and packed her bag with her clothes. She bought them only for today. In front of her door she collided with Cindy, who came to wish her luck. They hugged each other and jumped up and down.

“I need to go I’m late anyway”, Su explained and ran off.

Around the corner Su saw a wet-floor sign on the stairs. She groaned and ran to the other side of the house to take the elevator. It took a few seconds and Su was already annoyed. When it finally opened she jumped in and pressed the button for the exit. The doors closed slowly. Something was weird but Su couldn’t say exactly what. Suddenly the elevator stopped. The lights switched off and it didn’t move.

“Really?”, Su yelled at the elevator.

She stomped her feet on the ground and pressed the button for help. Nothing. She searched in her bag for her phone. When she finally found it she tried to call Harry. But it had no service.

“Fuck”, Su cursed.

Was this really happening? She held her phone up and tried to get a contact. It didn’t work. She hoped they would wait for her.. or the talent scout will come tomorrow again? Bullshit. Today was their only chance and Su was about to fuck it all up.

“Hello? Can anybody hear me? I need help!”, Su yelled over and over again.

No one came. She slid down to the ground and waited. Because she couldn’t do anything but wait.

During 2 hours of waiting Su decided to change into her new outfit, she had no time to change when she’s out. No one will see her when she leaves the Purcell, everybody is in class or is practising.

Finally the elevator moved a little bit and the doors slid open.The first thing she saw was Harry. He closed the fuse box and next to him was Jennifer.

“I think the elevator will work now”, he said.

“Oh yes, it is”, Jennifer giggled before her eyes fell on Su. “Suzanne, what are you still doing here? I thought you have an appointment with your parents?”

Harry just stood there with his mouth wide open. Su couldn’t move, that’s not the way she wanted it to happen. Harry looked down on the ground and saw the Purcell clothing.

“Parents appointment?”, he asked sadly.

The doors of the elevator were about to close again when Su snapped out of her trance and slipped her hand between them. That’s the second Harry choose to walk away. To walk away from everything.

Su bend down to pick up her clothes and ran after him. He had his hand already on the doorknob when Su called his name. He stopped but didn’t look at her.

“Please”, she added.

He waited a few seconds and Su’s heart grew heavier and heavier. Harry shook his hand and walked out of the Purcell.

“No, no, no”, Su whispered to herself, she almost began to cry.

She ran after him, she still had hope. He can’t leave her, she needs him.

“You promised we’d be okay”, she yelled after him.

He stopped and ran his hands through his curls, like he always did when he was stressed. He turned around and walked towards her, leaving a lot of space between them.

“Yeah, I did”, he began. Su couldn’t tell what he was feeling right now. He seemed controlled, without any feelings. His eyes were …they were just empty. “Because I loved you Su. I would have done everything for you because I loved you. But now, I don’t know who you are. You lied to me, I.. You, I mean…FUCK”, he yelled suddenly.

Su watched him battling with himself. She felt horrible, she did all of this. He waved his hand dismissedly at her and turned around. Su felt the tears running to her eyes. She couldn’t live without him. He’s the reason why she want to wake up every morning. He makes her feel alive. He’s everything to her. She gave her virginity to him, she loved him!

“Don’t walk away from me!”, she screamed. But he didn’t stop. “Harry”, she croaked because she was crying now. Crying for the man she loved.

“Suzane?”, Su heard suddenly the voice of her mother. “What are you wearing, are you insane?”

Her parents came out of the Purcell building with Jennifer.

“Take this” her father walked over to her and placed a jacket on her shoulders.

Harry watched the scene. Her father arguing with her daughter about her clothing choice. But he didn’t seem to notice that Su was crying and Harry felt bad for her. He wondered why her dad made such a scene.


“I’ve seen her wearing less than this”, Harry grumbled accidently.

“And who are you”, her father answered angrily.

Harry looked at Su, she obviously didn’t tell them about him. Not even that he exists.

“I’m nobody”, he looked at Su and turned around.

Before Su could register what happed Harry was out of her sight. Su tried to ran after him again but a hard hand held her back.

“Dad! What are you doing? You don’t understand, let me go!”

I send you to this school to learn more about music, about their history and for practise. We want the grand did you forget that?”, her father said with a strong voice.

She wanted so bad to yell at him that she didn’t want it. He was the one who carved it from the beginning. But she couldn’t.

“No”, Su swallowed. “Of course not.”

Good”, he let his hand off of her shoulder. “Now be a good girl and change. Meet us at the little café so we can talk.”

Su nodded and made her way inside. Looking over her shoulder she saw the first raindrops falling from the sky. All she could think about was Harry walking through the streets and dripping from head to toe. Like a little dog who got lost. Su felt so much shame. She couldn’t believe that Harry walked away from her but she couldn’t believe either that she didn’t stand up in front of her parents. Maybe she didn’t change that much. Maybe she’s still that little girl who does what her parents want.

Harry didn’t feel cold although his clothes were wet. Every now and then he pushed the dripping curls out of his eyes. But he didn’t care much. He had never felt more betrayed than right now. She told him once that her parents are supporting her, but sending her to a summer school which cost over 5.000 £ per week is not what he had in mind. He couldn’t think anymore, he didn’t want to think about her anymore. He never fell before. He was… disappointed, frustrated.. he was hurt. He didn’t know where he was going. He let his feet drag him everywhere. But when he stood in front of Cara’s house he stopped. Su wasn’t better than her, she was worse. And with this thought in his head he pushed the bell. His phone buzzed uncontrollably in his pocket, the boys who were waiting at the youth house. But Harry knew the talent scout wouldn’t be there anymore. Cara opened the door and looked flustered. She pushed her strap up her shoulder.

“Harry, hi”, she said nervously. “I didn’t know you’d be coming.”

“No, it’s.. um spontaneous.”

Cara smiled at him. In spite of the fact that Harry left her for a little girl, she was welcoming him back. Harry wasn’t a bad lover.

“Just give me a second and you can come in”, Cara said ecclesiastically.

Harry’s brain didn’t work at the moment. Cara closed the door and heard her talking. He knew someone was in there with her. Of course she found a new little puppy for herself.

“Fuck”, Harry pushed the wet curls back.

He turned around and ran downstairs. He had no idea why he was walking to her. Did he thought sleeping with Cara made Su angry? Did he want that? Wanted he revenge? Taking his phone out he dealt Niall’s number, telling him Su left the band. He should lock the rooms and they will see each other next week. He had a lot of stuff to do. Niall understood. He and Zayn knew that Harry really liked her and it must be a fucking blown off if she leaves the band now. That means she’s leaving him too. 

Chapter 15

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Run Free Chapter 13

Su was on her way to Jennifer but if she could - she’d turned around right away. Jennifer was on the phone, probably with her mum, she told her how excited she is and she will win if Su’s by her side. Jennifer threw a false smile at Su as she entered the room and hung up. They began playing their part. Su drifted away every now and then, she didn’t talk to Harry yet and it was eating her out. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her wrist.

“What are you playing Suzane?”, Jennifer yelled annoyed.

That’s when Su noticed that she was playing ‘Kiss me’. Su pulled her hand out of Jennifer’s grip and watched her.

“So, what’s that?”, she asked again.

“A song I like”, Su answered short.

“Well, concentrate okay. It’s important”, Jennifer looked disgusted at her.

Su raised her eyebrows and abruptly stood up.

“You know what Jennifer!”, Su’s eyes filled with fire. “I’m not concentrate anymore because I know this play inside out. I can play it perfectly. But you can’t, I hear it every time you do a mistake.”

Jennifer looked shocked what watched the scene going.

“What do you say about we’re done practising this week and-“, Jennifer cut her off immediately.

“What? The audition is in 8 days! We can’t!”

“Well then there are more 4 days to do finalpractise next week. You have the rest of this week to cure your mistakes. And if you ever think about to tell Mrs. Miller, I will tell her that you are incapable and I can’t work with that. You got it?”

Jennifer slowly nodded.

Su felt amazing. Taking her bag and throwing a sweetly smile at Jennifer, she was out of the door. Jumping down the corridor she heard voices.

“Yeah I think I can do that Mrs. Miller”, a male voice that caused Su to stop.

“Alright Harry, but only if you’re really familiar with this sound stuff”, Mrs. Miller added.

Su swallowed. Harry?

“I will have a look at the sound equipment later. Maybe my dad will jump in too”, Su loved his voice.

“Ah, jump in - alright. Okay”, Su almost giggled at Mrs. Miller’s stuttering voice.

“I let you know. See you Mrs. Miller”, Su’s eyes shoot open.

Everything went fast inside of Su’s head. She came to a decision. She closed her eyes and walked around the corner, towards Harry and Mrs. Miller. Her pulse raised and she just stood there. Afraid to open her eyes.

“Miss Williams? Are you alright?”, Su heard Mrs. Miller asking.

Blinking an eye open she noticed Mrs. Miller was alone. Harry was gone.

“Um”, Su began. “I had something in the eye, you know. I think it’s gone now.”

Mrs. Miller watched her sceptical when Su made her way around the old woman and disappeared. Where the fuck did he go? Su asked herself. She was ready. She was ready to tell him everything. Maybe this was a sign to wait. But to wait for what?

Su felt miserable without Harry. It was almost nine pm. and she couldn’t sleep, she turned around in her bed at least twenty times. Cindy was out with her new lover and she didn’t know what do to. Then her phone buzzed a few times. When she saw the text was from Louis, she felt kinda disappointed it wasn’t Harry.

He asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink. And the second text was also from him, telling her she shouldn’t worry about the times. He got it covered. If he only knew that Su broke the outgoing-times at least every day. She felt suddenly stupid, that she never asked Cindy to go out like she promised Louis. Su bit her lip and replied he should meet her outside in ten. Su ran to the bathroom, made herself looking presentable and threw on some clothes. She sneaked outside through the window and waited for Louis.

“Su?”, she heard someone whispering.

“Louis?”, she whispered back.

When a tall male figure came out of the darkness, she couldn’t believe her eyes. He looked so different. Kinda hot.

“Wow, Louis you, um.. you look different”, she gasped.

“I see I’m not the only one who’s playing the nice child for their parents”, he smirked.


“Uh, what?”, Su shook her head, this was nerd-glasses-nice-Louis in front of her.

“I mean you look pretty in school, but like this”, he blew a whistle. “You look hot.”

“Oh my god Louis”, Su laughed it off. “Come on, I want to be back before midnight.”

She dragged smiling Louis towards the exit of the Purcell. When they stood in front of a bar, Su hesitated.

“What’s wrong love?”, Louis asked her.

“This looks like a adult-adult bar.”

Louis laughed a little bit.

“Where did you want to go? Kids-bar?”, she hit him lightly on his shoulder.

“No”, she pouted playfully. “I mean I’m underage. I can’t drink anyway.”

“Oh please”, Lou pinched her cheek. “This shy attitude doesn’t fit you. You look older like this, so I don’t see a problem.”

Su smiled widely to herself. Lou turned around and offered his hand, she took it thankfully and they sat on a table in a corner. They talked a lot and it seemed like Louis was under the same pressure like her. His parents were strict and -his words- totally lame and no fun ever. Su giggled at this and looked at her vodka-bull glass.

“So how did you get out anyway?”, she knew he didn’t use the window like she did.

He smirked, looked to his left and to his right, making Su laugh again. He slowly pulled a key out of his jacket.

“No way”, Su snatched it away. “How did you get it?”

“Well”, Lou said cool. “I have my ways, you know.”

“Oh shut up you”, hitting him lightly on his shoulder, this will be a new habit.

“No really, I can’t tell you”, Lou caught Su’s hand. “But you can use it too.”

Before Su could say anything she heard Cindy calling out for her. Cindy?

“Girl, you shit the fuck out of me!”

“What, what are you doing here Cindy?”, Su asked and saw behind Cindy a really handsome boy.

“Niall called me. He said he sent you a bunch of text messages. You didn’t answer!”

“Oh, I put my phone on silent”, Su answered relaxed.

Cindy rolled her eyes and get a glimpse of Lou.

“Oh hey Louis”, Cindy said casually and the next second her eyes fell out. “Louis?”

“Yes”, Louis stopped for a second and looked at Su. “Cindy?”

“Oh my god what happened to you? You look smashing!”

“Um, thanks?”, Louis tried to laugh it off.

“Uhh, yeah”, Su tried to cover up the awkward moment. “Niall wrote me they are at the youth house.”

“Let’s go then”, Cindy took Su by her hand and dragged her off. “Come on Louis. Meet Su’s new band”, she winked.

“You’re in a band?”, Lou said flabbergast. “Didn’t tell me that this two hours we’re here.”

“Well it’s nothing big, I’m just the keyboarder because they needed someone.”

“That’s pretty cool”, Louis smiled. “What do your parents think about it?”

“They actually don’t know about it”, Su laughed, feeling good.

“Oi, you naughty girl.”

Su’s cheeks burned but she felt a little bit proud. Louis probably thought she’s a lame music girl, who happened to look pretty in her white blouse and her black skirt. But she’s not, at least not anymore.

On their way to the youth house Cindy introduced her date as Liam Payne. Louis and him clicked immediately and they talked the whole ride. Yes ride. Liam has a car. It was pretty quite when they arrived. Suddenly Su came to mind that she still had a fight with Harry and she didn’t want to go inside. Cindy whispered into her ear that she will be fine and she’s not alone. Su nodded and swallowed as they made their way inside the building.

“Finally”, Niall grunted. “And you brought audience. Fantastic.”

When Harry turned around his eyes were only on Su. Su bit her lip.

“What’s going on?”, he asked and looked at Lou.

“Rehearsal”, Su managed to choke out.

Cindy took the initiative and sat on the sofa.

“Guys, this is Harry, Niall and Zayn”, she pointed to the band. “And those are Liam and Louis.”

A few hello’s echoed around the room when Su made her way to the keyboard.

“What are you doing with him?”, Harry whispered to her on their way.

“Hanging out with a friend”, Su whispered angry back at him.

“Well, he doesn’t look at you as a friend”, when Su turned around she caught Louis starring at her ass. Her cheeks blushed. “Blushing? Really?”

Harry stormed off to the mic. Su felt horrible, his reaction made her sick to her stomach. Why did he think he could talk to her like that? She don’t want to fight with him, she wanted to cry right now. Swallowing back the tears she stood in front of her keyboard.

“So”, Niall began. “Midnight Memories?”

Zayn and Harry agreed to it, Su was too worried about if she could play or not. She was under more pressure than right now, she could handle it.

“Su?”, Niall broke her thoughts, Su looked up. “You’re good with Midnight Memories?”

“Um yeah”, she tried to smile. Niall shoot her a confused look.

“She’s pretty nervous to play in front of her little boyfriend”, Harry gestured to Louis. “Go easy on her”, he smirked.

“What the-“, but before Niall could finish his sentence Su was already pushing Harry and yelling ‘shut up’ the whole time.

Harry just laughed, talking about being childish. Cindy stepped up and wrapped her arms around Su and pulled her away. That’s when Harry noticed that Su was crying. He didn’t know if the anger overweight the regret towards her. But he couldn’t let her go.

“Su-“, he began but Cindy shoot him the death glare of life and turned around.

“Come on, we’re going home.”

“-fuuck Harry!”, Niall ended his sentence and slapped Harry on his occiput.

No one said a word before all of them left the building.

“Harry you dickhead”, Zayn slapped him too. “What was that about? I thought you were good?”

“Fuck off. You don’t know anything”, Harry snapped at him.

“Enlighten me.”

Harry stayed silent. Niall walked towards him.

“Go after her, come on. If it’s true, what you said the last days about her, you shouldn’t let her go home like this”, he rubbed Harry’s shoulder. “And don’t forget about the song.”

The only reason why he ran after her was because he didn’t want Louis to take her home. He saw Louis helping Su inside the car. His blood was boiling.

“Su”, Harry said angry, she looked up to him.

Louis closed the door and walked over to Harry.

“I think you’ve done enough today, back off”, Louis said with a harsh voice.

“You don’t tell me to back off from my girlfriend, alright hero!”

Louis raised his eyebrow at him, probably not believing a word he said. But before Louis could laugh at him, Su pulled on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Lou”, she smiled at him. “See you tomorrow.”

“I’ll take her back”, Harry grumbled before Louis could find an excuse.

Su nodded to Louis, then he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, whispering something into her ear. Which caused a nod from Su again. Harry’s hands turned into fists, hiding them behind his pockets. When they drove off Su held her stare to the ground. Harry swallowed, he didn’t know what to do in this situation. He never was before. They door behind them shut.

“We’re going home, argue everything out with each other. We need you. Both.”

Niall threw the keys to Harry who caught them. Zayn and Niall waved and drove away with their bikes.

“Um should we go inside? It’s pretty cold and-”, Harry began.

Su stormed off into the building. Harry rubbed his face, he couldn’t believe how everything turned out. He took a deep breath with closing eyes, then he ran through his curls and walked inside.


She looked awful, mascara all over her face, even on her blouse are some. Harry couldn’t take it anymore, he walked fast-forward and grabbed her for a tight hug. She wrapped her arms immediately around him, he placed his hand on her head and pushed her into his shoulder. He felt guilty. The anger flew away. He promised it to her. They stood for a while in the middle of the room, just holding each other.

“I’m sorry”, Harry whispered to her.

“Me too”, she nodded into his shoulder.

He pulled her face up, whipping the tears with his thumbs away. Su smiled lightly. She hated fighting with Harry. She will never ever fight with him again. This wasn’t a big fight between them. But if this little disagreement would tear her so much apart, she wouldn’t want to imagine what would happen if she told him the truth. If he won’t forgive her she wouldn’t survive.

“Remember when you told me you wrote a song about me? The way… you feel about me?”, Harry asked her, she just nodded. “I did one too. I’m not quite finished but… do you wanna hear it?”

“Yes, I’d love to”, she smiled up at him.

They walked over to the sofa as he took his guitar and played the first strings, Su loved this song without hearing the words.

So your friend’s been telling me
You’ve been sleeping with my sweater
And that you can’t stop missing me
Bet my friend’s been telling you
I’m not doing much better
'Cause I'm missing half of me

And being here without you
Is like I’m waking up to
Only half a blue sky
Kinda there- but not quite
I’m walking ‘round with just one shoe
I’m half a heart without you
I’m half a man- at best
With half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do
I’m half a heart without you

Forget all we said that night
No, it doesn’t even matter
'Cause we both got split in two

When he finished, he smiled sheepishly at her. Su placed her hand on Harry’s face, admiring his beautiful outlines before placing a soft kiss on his lips.

"Niall helped me with the begining. He thought it’s cute", Harry explained.

"He used the word ‘cute?", Su giggled. Harry loved her giggles.

“I promised you we will be okay”, he whispered against her lips with a serious sound. “I will keep this promise every day. I don’t want to fight with you babe.”

“Me neither”, she smiled again. “I’m sorry that I’m complicated.”

“You’re not”, Harry giggled lightly. “You’re my first real girlfriend. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know how to behave sometimes… I just know that I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to be angry.”

“Shh”, Su kissed him again, she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “Can I stay at yours tonight?”

“Of course babe, come on”, he offered his hand.

Su texted Cindy that she will stay with Harry tonight and she shouldn’t be worried. She texted Lou that Harry brought her back and they would meet up tomorrow.

“Oh and by the way, the talent scout will be here next Monday. Because I’m busy on Friday. You know the Purcell school I told you once? They have an audition too and I will handle the sound equipment stuff with my dad. Pretty shit but I convinced the talent scout to come another day”, Harry explained and smiled at Su as they walked down the street.

“That’s great”, Su smiled shortly and felt a bang in her guts.

She can’t tell him that she’s attending this school. He will hate her for lying to him all the time. Harry kissed her temple and she smiled up at him again.

She will tell him after they performed in front of the talent scout. That’s it.

Chapter 14

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watching this video made me cry.

It Made Me Cry.

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absolutely loved chapter 11 & 12 of run free! you're a really great writer babe!


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Run Free Chapter 12

Su waited patiently in front of the café Harry told her. But somehow she didn’t look forward their meeting. She thought about the time after summer. After summer she would be home again. Miles away from Harry .. and he didn’t know anything about that yet. She knew she had to tell him today. Her stomach turned when she thought about it. She was scared. And endlessly embarrassed that she has to tell him something like this. She lied to him over weeks. The more she thought about it the more she didn’t want to tell anything. She bit her lip nervously, forming the sentences in her head when she saw a hand in front of her eyes swinging up and down.

Hello?”, Harry sang. “You there?”

When Su saw him she hoped immediately that she didn’t say a sentence out loud. But the smile on Harry’s face told her he didn’t hear anything.

Oh hey, I’m sorry. Just in thoughts”, she tried to giggle it away.

Oh”, he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I hope dirty thoughts about me.”

He kissed her on the lips and lingered there for a while when he noticed she didn’t kiss him back.

What’s wrong?”, Su panicked, she needed a excuse. Fast.

Um, I don’t like kissing in public that much.. it makes me feel uncomfortable, you understand?”

Well then I suggest we go to mine”, he raised his eyebrows and smirked at her.

Sounds good”, she smiled sweetly back at him.

They walked for 15 minutes when they reached Harry’s house. He said his dad wouldn’t be at home soon and Su wondered if he wanted to have sex again. She smiled when Harry took her jacket off, showing her little outfit. But she knew it would be only Harry today, she wanted to wear something sexy. Harry’s eyes grew bigger.


Su, you have a perfect body. Did you know that?”, he whispered and came closer, laying his hand on her flat naked stomach, sneaking around her waist.

You make me blush”, she laughed.

He came closer with his lips to her ear.

Are you still sore?”, he whispered to her.

And there it was. He wanted to do it again. A weird feeling rolled over her when she thought about it. Was that the only thing Harry wanted from her? But she shook this feeling off immediately. They liked each other, it was so much more.

It’s been over four days. I don’t think so”, she whispered back and grabbed Harry’s neck and began kissing him.

Good we’re not in public, right?”, Harry said sheepishly.

Su bit her lip again, she couldn’t stop.

Well not in public… but in my kitchen”, they suddenly heard a hard man voice.

Su sprang away from Harry.

Dad you said you won’t be home til tonight?”, Harry whispered annoyed.

Something came up son, relax”, he smirked and walked towards Su. “You must be Su, right?”

Su nodded eagerly. She was so embarrassed, meeting Harry’s dad half naked and eating his son’s face away.

I’m Harry’s dad. John”, he held his hand out to shake.

Nice to meet you sir”, Su took his hand.

Oh please, no sir. That makes me feel really old. Just John”, he smiled at her.

“Alright, John”, she looked over to Harry and found him smiling widely.

Finally I get to see one of Harry’s girls. Usually he’s very sneaking with his women.”

DAD!”, Harry yelled at him.

Just saying”, he laughed. “So, will you stay for lunch?”, he looked back at Su.

Oh that would be very nice, yes”, she nodded.

Well call us then, we’re going upstairs”, Harry took Su’s hand and stomped upstairs.

When the door were closed he took both of her hands.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would be at home”, he explained himself.

It’s okay. He’s nice”, she put a light kiss on his lips.

But before she could pull away Harry grabbed her neck and deepened the kiss. He walked her backwards to his bed. They both lay down without breaking the kiss. It was too precious. He pushed her little shirt up over her breasts, kissing them. With his right knee he pushed her legs open, he heard her whimper a little bit, but enough for him to stop it. He pressed his forehead against hers.

You said you aren’t sore anymore.”

I know. I wasn’t. I mean- it didn’t hurt.. til you-“, she stammered.

Shh”, he kissed her on the lips. “We just shouldn’t have done it twice on your first time.”

Technically in the tube was my second time”, she grinned.

He just laughed because he couldn’t think of something to say that beat her statement. After a few seconds Su joined him. They didn’t only laugh about that anymore, they laughed because they were happy. They were happy to be together and have each other. Su pushed a few locks out of Harry’s face and she knew she was falling and nothing could stop her anymore.

What are we going to do now?”, she whispered.

Making you feel good again. Spotlight on you”, he whispered back and opened her shorts.

He pulled them painfully slow down her legs and kissed every few inches her skin. He did the same with her thong and Su almost couldn’t wait anymore. When he pushed her legs open a heat crept to Su’s face. Harry saw her already naked, but still. It’s exciting for her. He licked his way up her thigh and when he reached her soft spot she gripped the sheets next to her tighter. This feeling is something you can’t imagine. You have to experience it.


He licked her clit. Slowly, softly over and over again. Su mumbled something, titled her hips up to the pleasure. Her moans turned Harry on, he felt his dick crying out. But this was about Su. She felt so much pain when they had sex. And she was sore. He wanted to make her feel good and took her over the edge. Su pressed both hands over her mouth that John couldn’t hear her.

You are magic mouth Harry from now on”, Su breathed heavily.

What?”, Harry gasped.

Su lay still for a mere seconds and then took her clothes from the ground, grinning at him.

Come on, I think the food is ready. It smells delicious.”

You’re something else babe”, Harry jumped from the bed and held the door open.

Su stole a kiss from him while walking out of the room.


Later that evening Jennifer called Su for practice. She groaned loudly and let herself fall on the bed.

So I expect you in 10 minutes?”, Jennifer said.

“Yeah, I will be there.”

Su hung up and buried her face into her pillow. And screamed.

Wooow, chill hun”, Cindy saw her laying on the bed and screaming. She ran towards her. “What’s up?”

“I hate it!”

“Hate what?”, Cindy shook her head.

This! I hate this school, I hate this kind of music, I hate my parents for bringing me here, I hate that they planned everything out in my life”, the first tears slipped over her cheeks, Cindy hugged her tight, stroking over her hair. “Most of all I hate Jennifer. The devil.”

Cindy chuckled.

“I hate that beast too.”

“The only thing I like is you”, Su gripped Cindy’s shirt tighter, her knuckled turning white.

“Well, I’m feeling very honoured”, she kissed Su’s head.

“I had so much fun with you the last weeks. Those are the best weeks in my life. You never questioned me, or pushed me into something. Except the band thing”, Su tried to smile. “That was the best thing you could do. Because I have Harry now.”

“I’m glad you’re happy with him”, she rocked her softly.

“But I’m scared Cindy”, Su looked up. “I’m scared everything will fall apart.”

“Harry likes you. A lot if you ask me. He will understand. I mean come on, the first thing he says to you is that he hates Purcell pupils. Who would say I am one?”, Cindy kissed her cheek. “Everything will be okay, alright?”

“Yeah, I hope so”, Cindy put on an encourage smile, but it didn’t help.

She had this weird feeling that wouldn’t go away.


“There you are”, Jennifer grabbed Su and pulled her into the room. No hello, no smile. Just Jennifer attitude. “Look what my mother send to us Suzanne!”

She held up two boxes with a bow on top of it. Jennifer didn’t let her enough time to say something and babbled on.

These are our outfits for the audition day next week. They look so amazing. You’ll love it. Take it as a gift for our undeniable team work”, Jennifer shoved the box in Su’s hand.

She opened it and pulled one outfit out. Expensive fabric and expensive name. Dolce & Gabbana. She didn’t know what to say.

Those are single pieces. It will be worth it”, she winked at Su.

“They are, um really wonderful”, Su smiled, but vomiting inside.

Of course they are looked wonderful but who needs it? It’s too expensive just for one performance.

“Okay, let’s start then”, Jennifer ran over to the instruments.

Su sighed and followed her.

After painfully 3 hours of work Su packed her things and ran outside. What a torture. But when her phone buzzed and she saw Harry’s name all her worries flew away.

Babe you don’t know what happened! The talent scout liked our performance last week. He called me! HE fucking called me! He loved our song! He wants another one, we have to get our shit together and write an incredible song together again. This is our chance babe!! Please call me as soon as you read this! XXXXXXXXX

Su didn’t waste time and pushed the call button.


“Yeah, hi”, Su answered.

“Did you read it? DID YOU”, Harry almost explode.

I did”, she laughed. “That’s great! When do you have time? To write the song? Tomorrow sounds good to me?”

That’s my girl! I love that”, Harry yelled. “I love y-“, he stopped. “-the way you are. You’re great!”

Painfully silence.

Sorry, I just got caught up in the moment”, Harry whispered.

“It’s okay. So tomorrow then?”, Su could explode but she didn’t want to show it.

Yeah, tomorrow”, she could imagine him blushing.

“So, what else did he say?”, she said to distract him.

He thinks we are amazing, he said he’s never heard someone playing the piano quite like you. The only problem is we have to perform the new song on Friday, we have to hurry.”

Su’s blood froze in her veins.

“Like Friday, next week.. Friday?”

“Yes, is that a problem?”, Su answered quick:

“No, no that’s good.. just a short time..”

I know. But we can get it done. My dad will be there, maybe your parents want to come too?”

What? I mean-“, Su didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t lie anymore. “Look I-“

“You didn’t tell them about the band or us, right?”, Harry asked annoyed.

“It’s not that easy, you don’t know them.”

“But I want to. I don’t know why you don’t want me to meet them”, Harry crocked.

How could she tell him that she won’t come next Friday? It’s the day of the Purcell audition. She can’t be at two places in the same time. She doesn’t want to choose between him and her parents. She should have never lied. But it’s too late now and she’s deep in the mire.

“I say no okay. Not yet at least”, Su said harsh. She wanted Harry to back off, she needed time to figure out what to do.

“No?”, Harry said with a high voice? “You just say no? What’s wrong with you?”

“Harry I don’t want to fight over the phone”, Su said slowly.

“Ohh, but I want to. You started it! I just don’t get it…”, he trailed off.

Yeah, you don’t understand. And you won’t. I.. I need to leave.. See you tomorrow then?”, he didn’t answer. “Alright, then.. just call me. I have to go”

She hung up.

Complicated isn’t the right word for this whole mess. It was more than that. Why the hell are both performances on the same day? Su tried to push the tears away. She took a deep breath when someone called her name. Annoying noise -, it’s Jennifer. When Su turned around she saw Jennifer looking at her with a sceptical look.

“You forgot your outfit”, Jennifer answered Su’s staring.

“Oh”, she took it. “Thanks.”

Jennifer nodded and walked away.

Did she hear what Su said on the phone?

Chapter 13