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Hey bae just I saw your post and was wondering what time you queued from to get front with early bird ticket??

10 o’clock.

One Direction Where We Are Tour 30.05.14 Manchester

What a show!!! It was amazing, I knew why I needed a early bird ticket :’D

Front row is the fucking best row!!!! ♥

Best day of my life, Harry paid a lot of attention to us… he waved, smiled and splashed water at us! :D I think he’s just a pretty nice guy, he was so happy the whole time :) That makes him really likeable.





My phone made shitty pictures (I know for sure I’ll get a better one for the next concerts).

I’ll never forget this day :) 


One Direction. 5sos.

Manchester, Etihad Stadium: 30th May, 2014

The first gig it didn’t rain.


Best week of my life.

Best week of my life.

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im gonna dj zayn’s wedding with only this playlist image

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if i ever got rejected by zayn i wouldnt sleep for 3 years

I would hate myself…

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these are real newspapers’ headlines in the UK today..😂😂

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Forever Chapter 51

Sharon’s POV

“Good morning”, Lou chirped at me. “Ready for your big day?”

I raised my eyebrows at her and placed my bag on the chair next to her.

“It’s not a big day”, I repeated her. “It’s just a date.”

“A life-changing date”, she said slowly as a whisper.

“Alright”; I exhaled and giggled. “Back to work. What are we going to do today?”

Lou smiled at me and swirled in her office chair, opening the laptop and popping up some pictures of the boys.

“We are analysing their outfits they wore the last few months. It’s important for them what they wear on tour. That’s a very important and actually the only condition of them, they tell us everytime on meetings”, Lou explained while rolling her eyes. “So you have to know that they will wear the exact outfit the whole tour, every evening.”

“Every evening?”, I said surprised. “For how long? Like 6 months?”

“Of course there will be, I think, three outfit changes. But yes probably longer my dear but that’s why we’re doing this today.”

She opened pictures of Niall when he was out. He looked like a simple guy and by Lou’s agreement he was the easiest one. A ripped jeans and a oversize muscle shirt. Now it was my job to find perfect outfits for Niall, searching for brands he liked and putting them together as a cool outfit.

Lou and I worked for maybe thirty minutes when my phone rang. It was the daycare nanny from the Sony-building. She told me that Malina tried to walk and she wasn’t fast enough to stop her from falling, now she was crying and didn’t stop.

“I need to go downstairs to Chelsea, Malina is crying. I don’t understand why she can’t recover when someone else is taking care of her.”, I told Lou.

“You are the closest. Maybe she needs time. She’s still young. If she’s old enough I bet even Lux could calm her down”, Lou laughed.

“Hopefully! I’ll be right back.”

“Yup”, she smiled.

As I pushed the elevator button I saw Miley Cyrus walking right next to me, I swear I’ll never get used to this. When I arrived downstairs I heard someone playing a guitar. That was weird because usually if you are in front of the door to the daycare the only thing you’d hear were loud children. The door was already open and as I caught a glimpse I saw Niall sitting on a desk playing the guitar so softly. I recognized the song immediately. Little Things. I smiled at his audience, eyes full of joy and happiness. That’s when I saw Harry sitting on the ground with Malina in his arms. He was drying her tears but when she saw me her little arms reached out for me. When Harry turned around to see what’s going on my world stopped for a second. He made me feel like a little girl again, all dizzy and tingly. He slowly stood up and walked up to me with a smile on his lips.

“I was here before her, but I try not be offended”, he said to Malina.

I just couldn’t help but giggle.

“Maa”, she tried to say when I hugged her tight. “So”, I tried to be casual. “Are you my stalker now again?”

“Actually”, Harry tried to laugh it off and crossed his arms. “Niall needed something and I offered myself to drive him since he doesn’t have a driver licence.”

“He doesn’t?”, Harry shook his head. “Didn’t know that.”

“Now you know”, he smiled and stroke over Malina’s head. “And just to be clear I wasn’t stalking you that day in Bradford. I was trying to get in touch with you.”

“Of course”, I tilted my head and bit on my lip.

Harry didn’t say anything, he was just staring at me and only his stare made me breathing heavily.

“I’ve missed you so much”, he finally said.

“I missed you too”, that was the first thing that came to my mind.

“I don’t want to fu-”, I placed my hand over Malina’s ear. “to mess. I don’t want to mess this up, Sorry.”

“It’s okay”, I giggled innerly.

“Please, please tell me if something’s up. I don’t run anymore. I talk. I love talking actually. And I love talking to you even more and I-”, I cut him off because the cuteness wasn’t bearable anymore.

“Stop Harry. We can talk about this tonight. On our date. And we have the whole night”, I winked at him.

“The whole night then? Sounds good to me.”

I kissed Malina on her head and handed her back to Harry.

“See you tonight”, I grinned at Harry.

“7 pm at Lou’s?”

“Still the same”, I said as I walked away, not wanting to see Harry how much I was smiling.


Harry’s POV

“How do I look?”

“Gross”, Niall and Louis began to laugh.

“Fuck mates. This is not funny. It’s life or death.”

“You are just not a suit type. It looks good”, Niall stopped. “Without your face.”

I wasn’t in the mood to laugh. This was an important night for me and these fucking idiots were joking around.

I fixed my suit a last time.

“Don’t listen to him. You look good mate”, Louis patted on my shoulder.

“It’s important.”

“I know Harry. You said that like a hundred times tonight.”

“Ja! Because it is! And you two don’t seem to understand that tonight has to be perfect. Perfect in every single way!”

That washed their stupid smiles off of their faces. Niall looked helplessly over to Louis, who exhaled heavily.

“I do know Sharon too, okay! And I know that she doesn’t need all of this. She’s not like all the other girls you’ve meet before her. I’m sure you know that. I don’t even fucking know why you bought opera house tickets for her. She never…”, Louis talked on and on but he didn’t know what I knew. That’s okay. I knew I’m doing the right thing.

“…like her. Do you even listen to me Harry?”, Louis muttered.

“I’m going to be late”, I said while searching for my keys. “I want you two be out of here before I’m back. Do you understand?”

“Yes Harry. We do understand correctly”, Niall tried to be funny again but I shoot him a death glare and he nodded again.

“Wish me luck”, I fixed my hair again.

“You don’t need luck. She loves you, you could pick her up with a bobby car and she would be the happiest girl on earth”, Louis practically yelled at me.

“Well, thanks Lou. Finally you said something useful”, I grinned at him and banged the door before he could throw a pillow at me.


Before I pushed the bell on Lou’s door I listened. I just listened and grinned to myself.

“Oh my god Lou. He’ll be here any second. I need to change. I can’t wear that. That’s too much. Look at me!”

“You look hot. Damn. Just hot, I’ll burn myself.”

“Shut up Lou. Really. Argh! Malina if you could talk you’d tell me to change. She would!”

I pushed the bell before she completely lost herself.

“Shit, he’s here.”

“Shhh is a ba wor, wright mummy?”

“Yes Lux. It is a bad word. Tell Sharon.”

“I’m sorry Lux. Do not ever say that. Okay… I’ll need to pee. Will be right back.”

“Hello?”, I yelled through the door because I wasn’t sure how long I could stay outside.

The door opened. Lou had Malina in her arms and Lux came running towards me.

“Hey sweety”, I lifted her up and kissed her cheek.

“Shawwy is wery nervous. She cursed.”

I raised my eyebrows at Luxie and shook my head.

“She’d never do that, are you sure?”

“YES! I heard it!”, she said very clear and pointed to her ear.

“Don’t hold it against her. She must be very, very nervous to see me tonight.”

“I won’t”, she smiled happily at me. “I reawlly like her.”

“Good. Me too”, I said right back to her.

“I want her to be heeeere more often.”

“Maybe I can arrange that”, I kissed her on the cheek as I placed her down when I heard someone clearing their throat behind me.

Her dress, her hair, her smile and fuck even her boobs were beautiful. I just gazed at her total picture.


“You shouldhave seen her Harreh”, little Lux giggled. “Shawwy was pacing awround an wanted to-”, but before Lux could tell any further Sharon was next to her pushing her out of my sight.

“That’s enough babe. Help your mommy taking Malina to bed, would you?”

Lux cheered and sprang away. Sharon said goodbye to Malina, something in German, I didn’t understand, before Lou winked at me and we were alone.

“Sorry, she’s a little bit hyperactive tonight”, Sharon tried to explain.

“It’s alright”, I chuckled. “First of all. You look absolutely stunning, just wow.”

Sharon exhaled, maybe because she was relieved?

“Thank you very much”, she smiled sexily.

I offered her my arm as she linked her hand into it and we walked down to my car. I opened the door for her when I saw her back the first time tonight and then the next sentence just slipped out of my mouth.

“What kind of bra are you wearing? Jesus”, I would’ve slapped myself in front of her if I could.

She seductively licked her lips and straightened my tie and let something slip too, that made my dick more than twitch in my boxers.

“Who says I’m wearing one at all.”



“Harry stop”, Sharon laughed, holding her stomach. “I can’t eat that way if you’re joking around the whole time.”

I told her about the night I went to Ed’s concert and we ended up completely drunk. We met a mum and she asked us to call her daughter.

“I am not joking, excuse me. I’m just telling you everything you’ve missed.”

“Seems like I missed a lot because you’re talking since I got in your car”, she said. “But actually, that’s good because I really missed your voice and everything here.”

She leaned her head on her hands that’s when her ring sprang into my view.

“Can I ask you a question?”, I asked, eating my last piece of meat.

“Sure”, she smiled happily at me.

I love her smile. I love the way her eyes change when it’s a real smile.

“You are wearing the ring I gave you. But when you’re at work you don’t wear it. Why is that?”

Her eyes fell on her finger and she played with it before smiling back at me.

“I’m only wearing it when I know I’ll see you”, that surprised me a little bit and it made me feel uncomfortable. She saw that and began to laugh.

“Joke”, she began eating again.

“W-what? Saying joke and then no explanation… that’s not the way it works”, I said leaning back.

She giggled.

“It hasn’t any special reason”, she explained while taking her glass. “I just don’t want to lose it. It means a lot to me.”

My heart began to pump a lot more blood through me after that statement.

“If I was a girl I would totally blush right now”, I tried to shake it off.

She giggled and shook her head while looking me directly in the eyes.

“Um, about what you did say earlier at the Sony building.”

“Yes?”, I was curious what she wanted to say.

“I don’t get why you think you could be the only one who fucks this up”, her serious tone made me unwell. “Do you want children Harry?”

“What?”, that question caught me off guard. “Of course, I love kids. You know that.”

“Ja, I do, but, um.. I’m mean like sometime soon?”, she was nervous I could tell.

She hastily grabbed her glass again and brought it to her lips.

“Because of Malina?”, I asked confused.

“Yeah, kind of.”

“Sharon, I love her. She’s a wonderful baby. Hell I’ll take care of her like she was my own.”

She began choking and raised her eyebrows, she cleaned her lips with a napkin.

“I’m sorry did I say something wrong?”, I asked hastily.

“No, I just, I just swallowed the wrong way”, she tried to say it calmly but I was still puzzled.

“Look. I know, if we get together again, what I really, really hope, Malina will be there”, I reached for her hand over the table. “And I’m totally fine with it. Even happy.”

I smiled at her reassuring. I felt her grip on my hand getting tighter.

“Thank you Harry. That makes me feel so much better.”

I could see her eyes getting wet. I slid my chair closer to hers and took both of her hands in mine.

“I’m here for you two. I will always be here. I promise.”

She looked down to her lap and tried to swallow her tears away.

“Babe”, I placed on hand on her back. “We are going to watch the play, I think its about to start in a few minutes. Then we will go back to mine and we can talk for awhile. It seems you have a lot to get off of your chest”, I said calmly.

Sometimes I forget what she went through alone. When her mother died she had no one. I will help her to take the pain away. Maybe just for awhile. But I can’t just sit here and laugh the whole evening when I know she’s carrying a lot on her shoulders.

“Yes, sounds good”, she whispered to me.

As we sat in our private box seat she took my hand and kissed my cheek.

“It’s nice you didn’t forget what I told you about The Magic Flute. Even when you’re drunk”, she whispered.

“I’ll never forget anything you said to me”, I smiled right back at her and held her hand the whole evening.


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Run Free Chapter 16

Suzanne’s hands were wet, she sweated. The first time in her life she was scared. She loved it to play in front of her audience, in front of the proud eyes of her dads. But not this time she thought. She can’t live in a golden cage for the rest of her live, for the first time she wanted to do something that makes her really happy. She looked through the grand drape and saw her dad chatting to her mum. She could tell they were really excited. Of course she knew that this was an amazing chance to get a grant for the Purcell. Actually her dad could afford the money for her music career easily but like he said it will be a nice agreement to her hard work over the last years. Then her eyes wandered up to him, she had a lump in her throat.

This is the only chance to get you back”, she whispered to herself.

One last look to Cindy and she put on a smile. Her parents were waiting, with high expectation outside, she didn’t want to disappoint them. But she also didn’t want to live like this anymore. She liked other music too. She liked to sing.

She saw Jennifer walking happily on stage. She placed the violin between her cheek and her shoulder.

“We will be perfect”, she smiled at Su.

But what she really meant was “I will be perfect and I will get the grant”. Su knew she only wanted that damn thing. Yet she didn’t care. She only wanted Harry back.

The grand drape opened and the audience clapped. Nothing like the youth house. The people there they cheered. They yelled, because they knew how great Harry’s voice was. Su took a long breath before she placed her fingers on the keys. She didn’t want to risk a glance towards Harry, but she did it anyway. All she saw was disappointment. They screamed “Why are you doing this to you?” Then her eyes wandered down to her parents. Eyes filled with proud. Eyes telling her, she had talent. She deserves everything. Su was deep in thoughts she didn’t even notice that she began to play. Classic. The sheets in front of her weren’t the one she wanted to play and she knew it. But she couldn’t do this to Jennifer. She couldn’t just stop, could she? Su looked up again. Harry was facing her with his back. That hurt her so much she stopped to play. She just stared at his back. His muscular back she used to scratch down to his butt.

“What are you doing Suzanne?”, Jennifer hissed, smiling back at the audience.

Su tore her eyes away from Harry, she shoved the microphone up to her mouth and began to play again. Something she wanted to play.

Su was too scared to look up or to look anywhere but no one stopped her so she carried on. She never sang alone, when she sang at the hotel she was with Harry. But right now he couldn’t even look at her.

She imagined she’s alone with him and after the first word slipped out of her mouth the song flowed.

“What would I do without your smart mouth,
drawing me in and you kicking me out?

Got my head spinning, no kidding,
I can’t pin you down.
What’s going on in that beautiful mind?
I’m on your magical mystery ride,
and I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me.
But I’ll be alright:”

Su kept her head down all the time, she was lost in this song. If the talent scout would’ve ever heard it he would sign the band immediately. Now she sang it in front of her parents and she never felt more free than right now. She knew the next verse was with Harry, if she looked up and he mouthed with her, she would knew everything will be alright again. She will be alright.

“My head’s underwater, but I’m breathing fine:”

But Harry was gone, she knew she had to stop, she couldn’t sing anymore. Everyone could see the pain all over her face. She saw Cindy with her thumps up but it didn’t help. Su had lost, she lost everything. She stopped playing and the hall was silent. Su’s heart began to race when suddenly an a capella voice came out of the nowhere.

“You’re crazy and I’m outta my mind”, Harry sang and he literally meant it. She was crazy. But that’s why he fell in love with her.

This wasn’t just happiness that ran through Su’s veins. It was so much more. It felt incredible. That’s the only approval she ever needed.


He didn’t forget their song they wrote after they made love to each other the last night they shared together. Harry smirked at her and raised his eyebrows. Su shook out of her dizziness and started to play again when they sang their refrain together.

“Cause all of me loves all of you, love your curves and all your edges.
All your perfect imperfections, give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you.
You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose, I’m winning,
cause I give you all of me and you give me all of you, ohh:”

Su’s eyes were wet, she held herself back not to cry. But she wanted to cry, she wanted to cry because of happiness. She didn’t care what her parents thought of her. She wanted this, exactly this. Looking into Harry’s eyes and singing about love. The next part was Harry’s, Su recognized that he reworked it. She smiled to every sentence, because it fitted perfectly.

“How many times do I have to tell you,
even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too?

The world is beating you down, I’m around through every move.
You’re my downfall, you’re my muse, my worst distraction,
my rhythm and blues…

Can’t stop singing, this ringing in my head for you.”


Su stood up and threw her arms around his neck. When she pulled back he began to sing again without her playing. His voice was incredibly beautiful. She should start crying because he got the gift of an angel voice.

“My head’s underwater, but I’m breathing fine.
You’re crazy and I’m outta my mind.”

The whole hall stood up and clapped their hands together that’s when Su and Harry’s little bubble blew up. Su was so embarrassed that strangers watched her in such an intimacy moment. She buried her face into Harry’s neck. He gently rubbed her back.

“Don’t hide”, he laughed a little bit. “I would have never come down if you didn’t start it.”

“Well, I’m crazy”, Su giggled.

“And I love you”, Harry shoot out.

Su was surprised but that’s exactly what she wanted to hear. That’s exactly what she felt too.

“Oh my god, I really do”, Harry breathed heavily out, stroking over her cheek.

“I love you too Harry, I-”, she stood on her toes and pushed her lips to his.

Right in time the curtains closed and Su didn’t have to share this perfect moment with all of these people too. When she saw Cindy smiling with her thumps up, she mouthed a thank you to her. Not even Jennifer destroyed their moment when she paced next to them off the stage. Su buried her fingers into Harry’s shirt because she never wanted him to let go of her ever.

Mrs. Miller clicked with her heels backstage and muttered something about a new act when she gently shoved them off the stage.

“I’m so sorry what happened”, Su sighed truthfully. “I never meant to hurt you, you need to know that-”, but Harry cut her off.

“You don’t have to explain babe. I was stupid. I shouldn’t have talked about the Purcell people. It’s just… “, he ran his hands through his hair.

“It’s what? You can tell me”, Su encouraged him.

“You’ll be surprised, but some time I,… I applied for this school too a few years ago”, Harry explained not looking at Su. “They didn’t like my background and I don’t know. I think I wasn’t good enough for them. When I saw you in that elevator I knew you were one of them. You’re rich and you must have a hell of a talent for classic music. I thought, maybe that I’m just an adventure for you.. you know, get out of the daily routine… but after a while I knew you’re not like this. You loved the music you played with us, I could see it every damn time and.. then after a while I wanted to call you but I kinda knew you were better off without me. You deserve someone better.”

“You were stupid”, Su cut him off, she didn’t want to hear any of this bullshit.

“What?”, Harry said taken back.

“You are the best. You are my someone better. You make me someone alive. I’m happy when I’m with you. And I just… please kiss me”, Su babbled.

Harry smirked and grabbed her thighs, wrapping them around him when they made out.

“I like to shut you up like this”, Harry whispered, rubbing his nose with hers.

“YES! And I like you too that way so much better”, they heard Niall from behind clapping his hands.

Su giggled but the next voice she heard made her stomach fall. She climbed down from Harry’s body and turned to her parents.

“Dad, I can explain”, Su began but Harry stepped in front of her.

“May I introduce myself? I’m Harry Styles”, he put out his hand.

“I know who you are!”, Su’s dad said with a sharp voice.


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